Friday, July 27, 2012

PG13 David Bishop. The Third Coincidence: A Jack McCall Mystery

David Bishop
The Beholder-David Bishop
Who Murdered Garson Talmadge-David Bishop
The Woman-David Bishop
The Blackmail Club-David Bishop
The Third Coincidence-David Bishop
Bishop, David. The Third Coincidence. Log Boat Key, Florida: Oceanview Publishing. Februay 2012. ISBN: 1608070345 (Rating: PG 13 SLV)

Supreme Court justices and Federal Reserve Governors are being assassinated. Is Commander LW acting alone? Is it members of his loose confederation of proclaimed terrorists and supremacy groups the American Militia to Restore Representative Government? The slayings threaten to cripple the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve. The devious plot could change America forever.

U. S. President Samuel Schroeder asks CIA and military intelligence veteran Jack McCall to assemble a multi-agency task force that reports only to the White House. Their mission is to find the twisted mind behind the devious well-planned assassinations. The killings crisscross the country east and west, north and south. 

The only clue a red baseball cap.

In this novel, as in Who Murdered Garson Talmadge? and The Black Jack Club, Bishop quickly brings his plots to a rolling boil, and he maintains the tension to the last page. His characters all have qualities that make you love them or hate them. The attention to detail carefully creates twists and turns and a thorough salting of true clues and red herrings.

Who Murdered Garson Talmadge?: A Matthew Kile Mystery
The Beholder: A Maddie Richards Mystery * top 5 on Amazon's top-rated list of mystery series, based on customer reviews (June 9, 2012) * #15 best-selling female detective eBook on Amazon (march 2012) * Amazon best-selling mystery series list (June 9, 2012 and running)
The Blackmail Club: A Jack McCall Novel
The Woman * #1 best-selling mystery Amazon eBook (March 2012)
* Amazon best-selling mystery series list (June/27/2012 and running)

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